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Adopt a Dharma Dog 

Our Adoption Process:


If interested in adopting, please fill out our online Adoption Application or email us at with questions or if assistance is needed.


Once you have submitted your completed application, you will hear from our adoption coordinator between 1-5 business days. If you do not hear from someone in 1 week, please email us at We will get back to you at the very first available moment. 

Please note, we are a 100% volunteer organization. We try to be as efficient as possible, but sometimes it takes longer than it should.  We are working hard to do things better every day, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Fill out the online adoption application


Step 2: Adoption Coordinator will contact you to go over your application via telephone


Step 3: A volunteer in your area will schedule a home check


Step 4: Once the home check is approved, the adoption coordinator will contact you to discuss potential dogs available for adoption

Step 5: Proceed to Adoption

Adoption fee:


The adoption fee for a dog between 1-6 years old is a donation of $275-$495.  We are 501(c)(3) non-profit, and the donation is tax-deductible.  We are also a 100% volunteer organization, and everything goes towards saving more dogs in need.

The adoption fee includes rabies, DHPP, bordetella vaccinations, microchip, and spay/neuter.  

Why is Adoption Fee So High?

We are sometimes asked why our adoption fee is high.  We are a private rescue organization that is NOT funded by the government. Local animal shelters run by the city or county receive funding from tax dollars.  We do not.  

Well established organizations like the SPCA or Humane Society handling multiple breeds also receive funding from grants and have a larger donation base.


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